Your means to an efficient and secure software procurement

Your situation:

  • Proper procurement processes require to identify the exact procured software license
  • The work of other divisions, such as Software Asset Management (SAM), is highly dependent on the quality of this information
  • Commercial documents (e.g. invoices, entitlements) need to be closely reviewed
  • Information content of commercial documents is sometimes ambiguous and in many cases unclear
  • Ambiguous information leads to the risk of not being able to determine what was actually ordered

Your challenges:

  • High manual efforts to research and analyze the actual procured software licenses
    • Acquiring the necessary information is hardly possible, especially for old software licenses
    • Wide variety of software licenses makes determination process more complicated
    • Such clearing processes bind many (time and human) resources
  • Purchasing information of software licenses rarely allows conclusions regarding the use rights of a software product
  • Lack of transparency leads to incomprehensible and insecure procurement processes
  • Procurement department has to act fast and secure, but cannot due to lack of transparency
  • Meaningful determination of license inventory is hardly possible for SAM

  • 860.000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units)
  • 50.000 SKUs added in the last three months
  • 122 software manufacturers covered

Your benefits:

Base procurement decisions on a standardized catalog
Sustainable management of procured software licenses through additional information
Reduce license costs through higher level of transparency
  • Use the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) to easily determine a procured license
  • Rely on normalized and structured descriptions of software licenses
  • Take advantage of SKU records since 2001
  • Be up-to-date with monthly update frequency