Maximize the potential of your application

As an independent service provider, our goal is to strengthen our partners by giving them access to accurate, current, and standardized data.

For this reason, our technology components – employed in the CCP LiMa Connector and CCP SKU Database – are available as OEM solutions. Our technology can be integrated into a variety of applications, maximizing the functionalities of the main system. The following system providers can benefit from CCP's technology components:

  • 2.9 million software recognition rules
  • 35.000 recognized software products
  • 1.200 recognized software manufacturers
  • A service level for 25 software manufacturers
  • 860.000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units)
  • 122 software manufacturers covered

  • Software discovery systems
  • Software asset management systems
  • Asset management systems
  • Procurement systems
  • ERP systems
  • Catalog systems

The integration process can take place either at a total-solution level, or at a single-solution level, dependent on the business needs and requirements of the OEM technology partner. At a total-solution level, OEM technology partners can benefit from the capabilities of both the Software Identification Rule Set, and the SKU Catalog. Since both technology components are connected by design, this level of integration results in the highest rate of automation for Software Asset Management purposes. It facilitates the mapping of recognized software installations to license inventory and thus makes it easy to create a license position. OEM technology partners may also choose to integrate the technology at a single-solution level. Each technology component can be integrated independently and enhance the OEM partners' system with its respective functionalities.