Automated and cost-effective software identification

Your situation:

  • A proper Software Asset Management (SAM) requires to determine the installed software
  • Software discovery system is in use, however, reports usable for SAM cannot be provided out-of-the box
  • Provided data is ambiguous, license consumption cannot be determined

Your challenges:

  • High manual efforts to analyze, specify, and maintain the software that requires a license
    • Very large number of data to analyze
    • Very large number of data that is not relevant for SAM
    • Data that is constantly subject to change
    • Manual tasks lead to high error rate
  • Have the adequate software licensing knowledge
  • Expand that knowledge to properly cope with the changing data
  • Face educational and employment costs to grow or hire experts

  • 3.0 million software recognition rules
  • 35.500 recognized software products
  • 1.250 recognized software manufacturers
  • A service level for 25 software manufacturers

Your benefits

Minimize manual efforts

  • Automated processing of discovery data within minutes
  • Automatically filter out data not relevant for SAM purposes
  • Efficient recognition of installed software products
  • Be up-to-date with monthly update frequency
Uncover potentials

  • Optimize software installations
  • Reveal unwelcome installations
  • Discover installed components of a suite
  • Compare installed software versions
Rely on expert knowledge

  • Editorially maintained software recognition rules
  • A team of software licensing experts
  • Realistic test scenarios
  • Long-lasting relationships to software vendors
Reduce expenses

  • Service level
  • Benefit from recognized installations of other customers
  • Low operating and licensing costs
  • Efficient implementation
  • System-agnostic output data
Georg Wendt, Global License Manager bei der ZF Friedrichshafen AG ├╝ber den CCP LiMa Connector