Making SAM (Software Asset Management) knowledge centrally available

Your situation:

  • Companies use a variety of software solutions
  • Complex and dynamic licensing rules
  • Incalculable risks to be licensed incorrectly or to spend too much money

Your challenges:

  • Use of software within the licensing requirements
  • Achieve and maintain complex software licensing knowledge
  • Analyze changes of licensing conditions and their effects
  • Evaluate the impact of new technologies on software licensing
  • Scarce human resources with appropriate knowledge
  • SAM is very often not a core competency

Your benefits:

  • CCP License Library is the single point of contact for all issues with Software Asset Management
  • Useful supplement for established SAM processes

  • 512 members
  • 450 software manufacturers
  • 2900 software products
  • 6800 software licensing documents

Functionalities of the CCP License Library


The continuously growing center of the License Library contains a collection of use rights and well-structured licensing information to a variety of software products. Those products are created and maintained by a dedicated team, and contain information like the licensing metric, language and platform, product classification standards (UNSPSC, eCl@ass) as well as the ECC-number (Export Control Classification Number). Furthermore, products are complemented by references and documents, and may also include information to downgrade rights and other information relevant to software licensing.


This part of the CCP License Library is focused on the structured presentation of the core features/differences of software vendors’ major contracts. Information available in this section is basic data and is supposed to support the user in understanding the major differences of the contracts displayed. Moreover, this section contains a collection of product guides issued by the software vendors. Those guides are focused on software licensing and give, in many cases, a higher-level view on the licensing of individual products.


Here you will find solutions to complex cases of SAM, presented in an easy-to-understand format and accompanied by documentation and references. The use cases typically arise from project works and will then be researched by our SAM experts. This section of the License Library is continuously growing and gives you access to information that represents very specific knowledge.


The SKU Tracker enables you to perform a live search of SKUs or software products (licenses), accessing a steadily growing database which we have been maintaining since 2001. The result of your search will be an original vendor SKU and a normalized software license description which contains relevant and detailed purchasing information according to the SKU.


You can use our ticket service to gain access to the knowledge of our SAM experts at the License Service Desk team who handle queries to any software vendor. The result of the research will either be documented in the Knowledgebase or provided to you directly. We will research the licensing attributes of a software product (e.g. metric, language) or the answers to specific SAM questions (use cases).

CCP License Library
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