We are CCP. We are providing accurate, complete, and normalized data to SAM professionals and tool vendors.

CCP Software Inc. has been providing Software Licensing knowledge and Software Asset Management data to those responsible for SAM operations and performance for more than 30 years. Our knowledge and data can be accessed through the following tools and technology components.

The CCP License Library is a web-based, steadily growing compendium of verifiable information and efficient instruments that support the individual SAM professional in his daily, operational tasks.

The CCP SKU Database gives access to a catalog of current and legacy original software vendor SKUs, which are complemented by normalized and structured purchasing information, and enhanced with attributes relevant for SAM.

The CCP LiMa Connector represents an intelligent add-on for any software discovery system. The integrated recognition database detects relevant software installations and reports on license consumption. A smart way to encounter SAM, especially for those unwilling to invest in a SAM tool.

The CCP OEM Technology components – employed in the CCP SKU Database and the CCP LiMa Connector – can be seamlessly integrated into any third-party tool. With the integration of CCP OEM Technology, tool vendors benefit from a significant increase in data transparency and accuracy as well as from an enhancement in usability and performance.


Dipl.-Volkswirt Dr. Holger Hoheisel

  • President
  • Chief Executive Officer
Dipl.-oec. Thomas W. Henßler

  • Vice President
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Treasurer